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I get most of my big game gear at shops that cater to backpackers. The colors and styles change every year. There are a few shops locally that run 50% off their winter merchandise starting on June 1, 70% off starting July 1. To make room for next winters styles

Over the years I have assembled a pretty good assortment of high quality goose down vests and jackets as well as fleece in various shades of green, brown, black and gray. Didn't pay much more for most of the stuff made by North Face, Marmont and Mountain Hardware than what they are charging for camo clothes at Walmart.

I usually wear these pants.

Not because they are camo, but because the military surplus pants are the toughest, most comfortable pants I've found to hunt in. And if I'm going to wear camo I think this is the best I've seen. I paid about 1/2 that price at a local military surplus store for mine.

Saw some of these at a local Sportsmans Warehouse and will have a 2nd pair this fall.

Camo used properly, has it's place. I dress in it head to toe if archery hunting or duck and turkey hunting. Exactly which pattern you use is HIGHLY over rated. Anything reasonably close to the same color as the area you are hunting is close enough. The old woodland patterm military camo was way too dark for 90% of my hunting. For big game hunting with a rifle it is not that important. Especially if you are wearing an orange vest over it.
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