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Don't know where you are planning to hunt or what your game may be, but if it is whitetail, I would save myself about 4 or 5 hundred dollars and just buy some dollar store camo. If you are in a state that requires 500 square inches of bright orange to be worn, then your defeating the purpose of camo anyway. A plain old dark colored shirt and pants will do the trick in most circumstances, since the movement is what will get you caught quicker than anything else. All the camo in the world won't keep you from spooking a whitetail if you show any movement.
I buy camo material from a sewing shop, and let my wife sew it up into a pull-over cover-up for Turkey hunting, and it works just fine. These camo companies have lost their mind when it comes to pricing. You can buy another rifle or scope with the money you save.

Just my 2 cents
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