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Broke my sizing die...

Hi, all.

Thought I would share my recent experience loading 9mm for a competition this past weekend.

I was merrily loading away, happily churning out 147 gr. LRN rounds, when my Dillon 550B went 'Clank' as the ram was at the top of its stroke.

Clank? Hmmm, that's an odd sound, I thought. I pushed the handle to lower the ram, and it was a little sticky, so of course, I pushed a little harder. The ram lowered, with the case in position 1, with the carbide sizing ring still attached!

Wow, I've never seen anything like this before. The dies were new Dillon dies I bought after acquiring the press (used, or should I say, previously enjoyed) from a fellow shooter. The dies themselves had about 12,000 rounds through them, according to my records.

The story does have a happy ending, though. I called Dillon, and the total phone call lasted about 30 seconds:

Dillon Representative: Hi, this is Dave, how can I help you today?
Me: Well, Dave, I have a bit of a problem. I have a 9mm sizing die that had the carbide sizing ring just pop out. My customer number is (xxx)
Dave: I see. We will send you a new one right away. Is (xxx) your current address?
Me: That is the correct address, Dave.
Dave: Okay, that should be all I need. Thank you very much.
Me: That's it?
Dave: Yes, sir, that's all the information we need.
Me: Well, thank you very much, Dave, you have yourself a great day!
Dave: Thanks, you too. (click).

I got the e-mail confirmation that the die had shipped the next morning. Now THAT's customer service! Hats off to Dillon. No questions as to how it happened, if I was being ham-fisted in my use of their equipment or anything, just "We'll get you a new one right away.". I will definitely continue to use their products.

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