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I just purchased a SIG P-290 to use as my conceal carry weapon. I like the way it felt in my hand and the size is just right for me. However it had to go back to Sig. I was getting too many light strikes and I did try a few different brands ammo. When it did fire I had no problems with feeding or ejection, and for a little 9mm it is pretty accurate. While talking to the Sig rep. I ask the same question that I always ask any rep. and that was "have you had any problems with other customers having light strikes with this model?" Of course he said no. The thing is I did some research before calling Sig. (should have did some research before buying) and this is a known problem with this model. They even came out with an updated trigger group for the P-290. Several people even posted it on U-tube. Point being they are not going to tell you if they have had any problems with any given model. Or at least they have never admitted anything to me. Most of the time they will tell you to try another brand of ammo. My thinking on that is if you buy a box of good quality ammo it should work in a good quality pistol regardless.
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