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They will be segregated from the rest of the student body. All other dorms will be declared off limits to firearms and CCW licensees.
That isn't what the article said. The other dorms are not off limits to licensees. They can go there, but aren't allowed to reside there.

There was a time when "race" and gender weren't protected classes. Should people have waited until they WERE protected in order to protest discrimination?

Seems like putting the horse behind the cart... and then saying you can't put the horse in front until you have agreement from the anti-horse people that it belongs there.

In other words, if WE don't act like a "protected class" how are we ever going to convince anyone else that we should be?
What other "classes" of people do we have that are protected under law that are defined by behavior? Race and gender are not behaviors.

If we act like a protected class, then why will people we wish to convince that we are a protected class do anything to help us become a protected class since we already appear to be?
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