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MogrenE - that is a great-looking replica, and if it is more than ten years old, moreso relative to its present condition. But there is no-way, no-how you will ever find an original 1800s percussion revolver in that condition unless it has been totally (and fairly recently) reconditioned, which would change its value a whole lot (down). The bluing from those days could not remain in that condition, for one thing. Hawg and Fingers were tactful (which I have appreciated when I wandered off track and Hawg corrected me).

Clue #1: shiny grips. Clue #2 - old, worn grips on a bright, shiny frame (refinished). All those affect value and help determine authenticity, but they don't affect fun. If you bought the gun to shoot it, go ahead and enjoy the Clint Eastwood moments, because they are a lot of fun. Like ShotPut, I don't buy anything I don't plan to shoot. Ever.
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