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Flawed Reasoning....


/quote>This line of reasoning is flawed almost beyond description. It looks like some sort of 1/2 baked attempt at liberal politically correct discussion.

Does that mean you shouldn't drive your children anywhere, . . . you didn't provide them with cars, licenses, insurance, and plates?/quote

I think you missed my point,which was..and this goes to the heart of a lot of the varied how much caution and protection and fear do we carry in our lives....Obviously it is better to be totally body protected, high calibre armed, backup weapons in place, at all times..but do we do that? An active LEO is obviously at higher risk, but the question still stands..its not "liberal" to consider the level of fear we teach our kids..and THAT is what i was referring to...If he feels better with a vest, then more power to it really liberal to consider how we relate to society? If you feel it is, I'd reconsider....
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