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Sig Sauer P938 at the range

Purchased a P938 Nightmare yesterday, my first Sig. As I do with any new gun, I stripped it, cleaned it, and re-lubricated it. Following this, I hand cycled the slide 5-600 times.

Went out to the range today, while not a total "nightmare", there were some issues.

Started out with 25 rounds of Remington 115 grain hollow points. Nine or them failed to extract, fresh round tried to cycle into the chamber over the spent casing. At this point, I'm thinking, Oh crap!.

Next up was 50 rounds of Winchester 115 grain Silvertips which ran flawlessly. Whew!

50 rounds of WWB 115 grain hollowpoints produced 6 failures to extract.

Another box of 115 grain Silvertips (different lot, older ammo I've had for a while) produced 8 failures to extract.

Finally, 50 rounds of Speer 124 grain +P Gold Dots ran perfectly.

Out of 225 rounds fired, there were 23 failures to extract.

Recoil was not bad considering the size of the gun (but you won't mistake it for a .380), though after 225 rounds, my hand felt a little abraded by the grips. Muzzle blast is pretty impressive though.

A couple of the grip screws loosened up during firing, a bit of blue locktite should take care of that.

Trigger pull is not bad.

I am not the greatest pistol shot, but accuracy seemed to be decent after I started getting used to handling the gun. I was limited to shooting at 25 yards, but with the box of Gold Dots, I scored a 428 on a NRA 25 yard pistol target. I had to hold off to the right as it shot 3-4" to the left of point of aim at 25 yards.

I'm not sure what to attribute the failures to extract to. I intend to try more and varied brands of ammunition to see if it is ammo sensitive or simply needs a break in period. If not, I'll be contacting Sig's CS department.

I'm hoping the bugs can be worked out, it should be a great little gun. It's a bit disappointing that it can't run 100% out of the box, but that unfortunately seems to be the norm for a lot of companies these days.
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