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[QUOTE feel you need a vest in an area that you are going to take your kids...Im assuming they do not have vests...I'm not sure that is the message to send to them, either to make them feel secure, or as to why you dont give THEM vests.....shootings are not the norm as bad as they are...a deep breath,and situational awareness and ability to respond may be a lot healthier for the kids in the long run... [/QUOTE]

This line of reasoning is flawed almost beyond description. It looks like some sort of 1/2 baked attempt at liberal politically correct discussion.

Does that mean you shouldn't drive your children anywhere, . . . you didn't provide them with cars, licenses, insurance, and plates?

Does that mean you shouldn't buy a house, . . . you didn't provide fully separate and equal residences for each child?

No, . . . the proper line of reasoning is that as the father and presumed head of household, provider, and the one making the long term decisions for the family, . . . he is the one most likely to be involved in a situation requiring a vest, . . . is the one most likely to be harmed by not having a vest, . . . and will be the one (if lost) that does the most damage to the family unit.

Wear the thing if you feel like it, . . . as I posted previously, . . . there most certainly would be times I would wear one if I could find the $$$ to afford a really good one.

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