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Hi there. I got here from a "real deal guns" Google search and I registered just to post this (I generally like shooting more than posting about shooting and I don't spend much time "hanging out" on the Internet these days). Anyway, to anyone thinking about dealing with RealDealGuns, I'd say, "Run away!"

The gun I ordered went from 24-48hrs, to 7-10 days, to next week, to next Monday, to any day now, endless stream of B.S...for over 3 months.

During this time, I talked to some other shops and learned the situation. The guns were completely out of circulation. Everyone was waiting on a new shipment from the manufacturer. Once I knew the guns had hit the states because they were showing up in shops' inventories, I gave R.D.G. a couple of weeks, cancelled my order, and got it from Bud's who had it in stock. I highly doubt R.D.G. got enough units to fulfill their orders (they kept telling me that they ordered 50 but they probably got only a few from their distributor). I think these guys (this guy?) will say whatever they have to to hang onto your money.

Even worse: after cancelling, I gave them about a month to credit my card--all-the-while getting the phone system down excuse (this was a couple of months ago), "the credits are getting rejected...this never happens", etc.--and finally had to call the card company to dispute the charge.

My order still says "Awaiting fulfillment". Ha!

Incidentally, Bud's was OK. There were some mistakes and delays but nothing like R.D.G. I checked though and it does seem like quite a few people have problems. They do a lot of volume though. Based on what I know now ( and getting no-B.S. straight talk on the phone about hard-to-find guns), I think my next online firearm purchase will be at

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