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BP Cartridge-Over Powder card or No?

Since I began loading BP cartridge (both .45 Colt and .45-70) I have included a cardboard over-powder card between powder and bullet. Note, that this is not referring to an Ox-yoke or Wonder Wad felt wad, instead, a much more solid cardboard or fiberboard card, ostensibly to protect the heel of the bullet.

There have been several posts mentioning that this card will scrape away any precious lube that your bullet has just deposited in the bore.

So, is the over powder card needed to protect the heel of the bullet?
Or should I just get rid of it?
If not an over powder card, then would a thin slice of wax paper serve the same purpose?

I have read several references to disassembling old cartridges from the 1800's that include an over-powder card.

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