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I don't have a Mini Tuck, but my carry holster is the Super Tuck from CrossBreed. The way they made that holster, and the way it makes my 800-pound Colt disappear on my belt, I would have no reservations getting the smaller guy for my wife's Sig (Kahr sized). You'll have to wait a few weeks to get it, but it is worth every penny. So far, my carry guns will only have one holster each from CrossBreed. Plus, he's a super nice guy to boot bit of a religious nut, but he can build a hell of a holster

However, I do also give a thumbs up to the Minotaur- a good friend of mine carries his PPS in one, and that light little gun (compared to my Colt) just freakin' disappeared on my belt. It distributed the weight enough to where it felt like I was carrying my iPhone in its little Otterbox clip on my belt. The only thing that makes me choose the Crossbreed is it comes with metal clips, not plastic. Plus, the CB you can choose what leather you want (maybe too with the CT, but not sure).
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