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There has to be more to the story. A link to some more information would help.
Yeah, you got me there. It was 30 years ago, so my memory was a little fuzzy. Sure, there's always more to the story and there's probably more to the story than what was in the papers. Took some time, but I found it. It was Carl Robert Brown. Most of the articles were on Google News archive.

Prosecutors said today they would not file criminal charges against a motorist who pursued and killed Carl R. Brown just minutes after Mr. Brown killed eight people and wounded three others in a shooting spree at a welding shop. Dade State Attorney Janet Reno said that after reviewing police reports, she had decided against bringing charges against the motorist, Mark Kram, because he used ''justifiable force'' in shooting Mr. Brown and running him down with his car after the crime last Friday. ''The facts of the law, particularly the law that deals with justifiable use of force, indicates that charges should not be filed,'' she said. She added that Mr. Kram was within his legal rights to use deadly force because he believed it was necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or someone else.
They pretty much did everything against conventional wisdom. They had heard about the shooting. They chased Brown in a Lincoln ( I was wrong about the van). They shot him in the back with a 38, then struck him, pinning him against a light pole.

According to their story, they had fired a warning shot that had inadvertently struck Brown. I think everybody knows that's BS, and even if it isn't, warning shots aren't a good idea. Allegedly, after being delivered the fatal shot, Brown reached for the gun, so they hit him with the car.
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