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LEE 45-70 405gr. FP FB

Any one here using that mold, it's the flat base ? I have read a lot of positive reports on the hollow based version and think that one was designed to obturate well in the old Springfield trapdoor and clones.

I've have my sights set on the H&R CR 871 Buffalo Classic, and want to start shooting it with FFg Goex BP under the 405 gr flat base cast with 75% clip on and 25% stick on mix. My clip WW mix comes in @ 12.5-13 BHN, so I figured the almost pure lead stickys would soften it up some.

Most I have read says you need to compress the load to get it to shoot well, and the 32" barrel requires more lube than the Lee design can hold, may have to go with a lube cookie and over powder wad, to keep fouling to a minimum.

I may have jumped the gun as I have already purchased the mold.

Any and all info on this boolit in any 45-70 rifle, shooting low pressure
< 18,000 smokless or BP would be appreciated.
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