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It gets molre iinteresting. For myself, while I have now and then done a little target shooting with .22 RF. I never got into serious competition with that cartridge. Shooting sub 2" groups, even bench rest with this cartridge at 200 yards amazes me, perhaps I'm to easily amused.

I did however shoot NMC Competition, 200, 300 500 and or 600 yards and 1000 yard competition for quite a few years, having starterd with a WW2 Winchester Garand. On the old 5V 1000 yard target, I consistently shot in the mid 90's out of as possible 100.

With the .308 cartridge in a Model 70 at 600 yards prone, iiron sights, I could hold inside the 10 ring elevation wise, usually dropping a few points to windage. The 600 yard target 10 ring was 12" in diameter, two minutes of angle.

As for 1000 yard shooting with a .308, I might just as well have been throwing rocks. With the 30-06, a different story. Please do not inquire about how I did at 200 yards, off-hand, for it is a rather sad story, with either .308 or 30-06. Dry firing practice was what I needed, but that got to be like work, the unpaid kind, which never held my interest, at least not for very long, ergo, my poor off-hand scores, about 170 out of a possible 200. It was fun while it lasted.
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