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Some research

I have compiled a few web sites that seem to have some good information (only some of which came from me).

Go get a large mug of whatever you sip when you read and think and visit these sites.

Sticky-contains much general information.

Sticky-contains much general information.

"Newby needs help." (A typical new reloader thread). My posts are 11 and 13

"Just bought my first press. Needs some info tho." (A typical new reloader thread)

"I am looking at getting into reloading for the first time" (A typical new reloader thread)

"Considering reloading" (A typical new reloader thread)

"Interested in reloading" (A typical new reloader thread)

"Is the lee classic loader a good starter loader?" A thread from someone considering the Mallet-driven Lee Classic Loader.

"Lee Classic Loader Kit" My post, Minimalist minimal is the seventh post down.

"45 Colt question-Lee loader" Another Lee Classic Loader thread

"Best starter kit?"

"To kit or not to kit?" That is the question. My thread. Hard to read apparently

Informed by my 2010 repopulation of my loading bench (If I knew in '75 what I know now)

Thoughts on The Lee Classic Turret Press

Use what type of scale? (poll)

Good luck

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