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Scopes, scopes, scopes...

Opinions on scopes, best deal for the money, trying to keep it under $200 but I know how my budgeting works .

Shot with My Lady's father today. He has a .280 and a .17 both with pretty nice looking scopes, I did not stop and think at the time to look at the brand I think I saw BSA on one??

What I did notice though is that the one on the .280 was 14x and once he had it sighted in, it was nice being able to use it to see the accuracy up close, and really easy to shoot at a target you couldn't otherwise see.

So to go on the top of my S&W, I would like something with the quick detach (Unless this is just a bad idea, I would figure that someone makes a scope you can zero and detach)

Since I have no brand loyalty, where are the breaks here? Can I get a good one for < $200 or would I have to go higher to get one I would be proud of, if so how much, and or links?
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