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Not built yet

For a long time I considered the Lee dippers to be ill-designed. Lee recommends pushing the dipper straight down into the powder and letting the powder fall straight down into the dipper. But the handle goes off horizontally.

A vertical handle would be much easier to manipulate in the prescribed manner.

If you had a long enough handle, you could dip directly out of the original manufacturer's container. This would eliminate the need for a separate powder bowl with the related problems of returning the unused powder to the container without spills or (horrors!) into the wrong container.

Emptying the dipper into the cartridge case is the problem I have not solved. The short horizontal handle makes it easy. A long, vertical one is a bit unwieldy. Hinging the cup with a locking hinge is more complex than I want. Anyone have any ideas?

But if I were to make a homemade dipper it would have a vertical handle long enough to reach to the bottom of an 8# jug.

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