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Remington 7400 - 30-06, issue

Hey everyone.

I'm working on another gun for someone. This gun is a Remington Model 7400. It's a .30-06, semi-auto.

I've looked at this rifle and this is what I've discovered so far. When I first got it, I couldn't get the magazine out. The button wouldn't depress to remove it. The guy said he was having issues getting the cartridges to cycle. I tried one and it got stuck up inside the chamber and wouldn't come out. I had to use a cleaning rod to push it back out.

I messed around with the magazine and finally got it out. It then worked fine and would go in and out with no issues. I had the same magazine that was in it, lying around. I tried mine and I still had the issues with the cartridges.

After playing with it a while, I noticed that the bolt, charging handle, and ejector port cover will go further and "fully seat". However, when I went to feed a catridge, the charging handle, hence the bolt, wouldn't seem to go forward as far and the ejector port cover would stop well short of where it was. Maybe a quarter to a half an inch from where it was without the cartridge.

I can't find much information on the internet, so I was wondering if anyone here has had a similar problem. Could it be a spring on the bolt that isn't depressing and letting the bolt go forward when a cartridge is in the chamber, but without one, there isn't a need to be depressed, so it goes all the way forward? Thanks for the help.
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