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I just received the new barrel for my 7-08 long range build.
I'm going to make a simple barrel vise, from a couple of blocks of wood with a barrel channel cut into them, clamped in my bench vise- and forego the action wrench.

Just like this guy did, but he used C-Clamps to hold it to the bench, instead of placing the blocks in a vise. I think I'll get more clamping pressure in the vise...

Since the barrel is held in place by the barrel nut, and not torqued to the shoulder like a traditional barrel, I think I can get by without an action wrench. Once the barrel nut is broken loose and removed, the action should just unscrew by hand from the barrel, unless there's galling.

Operative word, "should"... we'll see when my barrel nut wrench gets here.
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