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Malamute said
"I'd like an engraved Colt Single Action in 44 spl..."

This'll make you ill, but one just like that - an engraved .44, 2nd Gen no less - sat around forever over at one of the lesser-known (to me) sites - egun I think - a few years ago BIN at a very reasonable price--I forget exactly what. I'm a huge .44 Sp and SAA fan myself, and ultimately satisfied that combo itch (see another thread) to delight--not engraved--but just couldn't see my way at the time regardless (within reason!) of how good a price. Never got the $ when you "need" it! Haven't seen same or similar combintion/deal since.

Back to the OP, I if a revolver, I guess I'd say a + 1 to someone else's already mentioned 1st Gen Colt SAA - make mine a very rare .44 Sp, or sky's the limit, what the heck - a cerified primo condition Cavalry or Artillery.
...Or if auto, I wouldn't spend the jingle I don't think (though I think I just "did" above on the 1st Gen SAA!) on a mega buck super custom, but more along the lines of "just" a new Ed Brown, in my case Special Forces Carry (bobtail commander, like someone else's Executive...). I like 'em relatively simple/unadorned and to me it doesn't get any better than that one. One of nicest autos--or guns, period, and I'm partial to revolvers--I've ever handled, regardless of price.

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