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Defining Performance

You need to define performance under your hunting conditons. On the one hand, you list 6" at 100yds. On the other, you indicate want to kill a deer at the ranges you will encounter. In actually use, I'm going to say that most or all of you shots will be under 100yds. ....

Refering to my Mid-West ranges, I have used these slugs with very good performance. The farthest deer I have taken, was at about 80yds and most have been in the 60 or less. These slugs are really dropping at the ranges you are indicating. ....
I don't think I've ever seen a smoothbore gun that put 5 shots in 6" at 100 yards.
Can't say I have either but have never had the urge to try. I range in at 50yds. with very good performance. ...

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