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But yeah I can't speak for everyone because no one shoots the same, but for me I'm absolutely 100% positive that a .357magnum with the right load even factory loads, I can kill a deer or a grizzly bear by that matter, at 1 to 100 yards max for me with the right shot.

Soooooooooooo, how many of them deer and Grizzlies have you killed with your .357 at 100 yards?

The only thing that I can understand why people say it won't is because there either a bad shot, or they have a bigger bored gun and think its better than everyone else's gun.
No body here said it "won't". All was said that a .357, like any hunting firearm has it's limitations. The shooter needs to know these limitations plus his own before he makes a decision to shoot. This is not only true with .357s, but with any hunting firearm. It's much easier on the internet to make long distance one shot bang flops than it is in real life.
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