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Back on May 21st, the City of Chicago filed a Motion to Stay the proceedings in light of the Moore and Sheppard cases. The City also Motioned for an extension of time to file a reply to Benson.

On May 24th, the Court denied the stay but granted the extension.

The City then filed its response on June 29th. This response was essentially an MSJ.

After some more legal rope-skipping (by both parties), the Plaintiffs filed their reply to the City, which is also an MSJ, on Aug. 3rd.

So we once again have dueling MSJ's.

Krucam, at MDShooters has laid out the essential claims of the plaintiff:
Reminder that this case is fighting:
- Gun Store (sales) ban in Chicago
- Possession restriction outside home yet on own property (ie porch, backyard, etc)
- Possession of Handguns in place of business
- One operable gun limit in the home
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