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In my opinion, for 2 loads of the same powder, same weight bullet, that should be close.

Although, they say lead and plated are the better data match.

IMO, what you show is probably slightly lower pressure in the plated round.

I think Accurate has some data for all 3 which you could study and draw your own conclusions.

Of course, look for pressure signs on the chrono, target, cases and primers. As charges increase, 90% of my calibers start pretty accurate, then about mid range accuracy goes south. Then at max and/or slightly over max accuracy and good chrono numbers return. Slightly hotter than that, groups open up, guns jam and the chrono numbers get bigger for SD. . .oh yea and primers look smacked with a textured hammer.

This all happens before case splitting, gun blowing up or shooting the rifling out of your barrel!

That said, know your powder. If you are shooting a super fast powder, don't mess with max/over max loads. Sometimes .1 gr will cause HUGE spikes in pressure.
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