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I have a 4" barrel 686+ and its really a terrific revolver. Very smooth wonderful trigger and great balance. That would be my first choice.

I've never shot a GP100. I do have double action and single action Ruger revolvers and they are strong solid guns. If theyre anything like my Redhawks or my brother's older Speed Six - theyll serve you well.

I would choose one of these two -- it comes down to your budget and personal preference. Either will do the job you mentioned.

I currently own two Taurus guns. They are Tracker style - a 4" barrel 41 Mag and a 5" barrel 454 Casull. (An earlier Taurus 454 - which is a hunting cartridge - I had was traded off because of quality issues). One thing to consider in a self defense gun is muzzle blast and flash. That is, how loud the thing is and the flash that's produced. The 357 is loud. I wouldnt want to have to shoot one indoors in a defensive situation. I particularly wouldnt want to shoot that Taurus because of its muzzle porting. That makes it even louder, and puts flash up in your line of sight. Not good to be blinded by flash in the low light level conditions often encountered in self defense. (There's ammo designed to try to reduce this flash - but youre not helping things with a ported gun.)

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