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you said this was new territory for you.....

So my dilemma at this point is whether or not to press charges. A part of me, the larger part, wants to, since he does not seem to have sufficient control of himself to carry a weapon, and I worry about the safety of other folks he may encounter in the future. The other part of me wonders if it is worth it to pursue criminal charges since it is his word against mine. Obviously, I would not have gone to the police had he only showed me fingers. I would have chalked it up to another idiot on the road, but this guy is a special idiot - and the potentially dangerous type.
you do realize that the officer(s) gave you a viable option and not the run around, right? the arrest actually holds more weight if you speak to the magsitrate yourself to get the warrant then it does if the officer makes an arrest after hearing both stories. in other words, the ante is upped. The officer knew this, probably believed you, and he also probably didn't have enough to make the arrest himself.
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