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Opinions on coyotes

We have been having quite a few reports of coyote sightings and attacks in urban areas here so I am getting prepared to defend the family pets. I am looking for a little advice on effective kills of a coyote with a .22 long rifle. Before everyone starts recommending using something more powerful, let me state that I am in a small community of 6 houses off the main road. I have decided to use a .22 because of the low noise and reduced potential for collateral damage. I understand shot placement is key. I got that down. I will only be shooting at 40 yards max if they come into the yard after the cats. At that range I can pick off popcicle sticks. I am most interested in hearing what most of you would use in the choice of ammunition. I have 2 different premium choices in my current armory. One is the famous CCI Stingers 32gr hollow point moving at 1640 fps. The other is the CCI Mini Mag 40gr copper plated round nose moving at 1235 fps. Two questions:

1. Hollow point or round nose?
2. Faster and standard weight or slower and heavy weight?

My plan was to use the Mini Mags paired with a head shot. I don't know how tough a coyote's skull is so penetration was my biggest concern.
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