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I certainly welcome constructive criticism. It doesn't really bother me. I see it as an opportunity to learn & improve so feel free to speak your mind.

At the moment, the body of the letter (for this one) has been vastly improved. Tip of the hat to you, Aguila, thank you. Feel free to play around with it however you like. The most important thing is that more people start writing more letters.

====== BODY ======
I find myself deeply concerned for the safety and security of our nation's 2nd Amendment rights. I am also troubled by the recent wave of gun control bills being brought forth for legislation. The current media bias in favor of more gun control rather more crime control is nothing more than a knee jerk reaction to a few isolated, widely separated instances of troubled individuals who acted out their psychoses.

Further limiting Americans' constitutional liberties as a means of placating this emotional, yet irrational, social inertia being generated by the few, would result in the cumulative damage of far more lives by criminal elements unaffected and further empowered by such laws.

Restrictions and/or bans on magazines, carry licensing, online sales of ammunition, and semi-automatic sporting and/or self defense firearms will have absolutely no impact in stopping a committed person from carrying out a plan, as has been proven many times over in countries with a total weapons ban. Undoubtedly, none of the proposed measures would have changed a thing....nor will they in the future. I strongly implore you to act against all proposed bills that would further limit our 2nd Amendment rights.

An overwhelming number of gun owners and licensed carriers are honest, law-abiding citizens, and are voters who exercise discretion, reason, compassion, and an aversion to force unless necessary to defend life. These are the people that will be adversely affected and who will be limited in the defense their lives, their families, and those of the equally law abiding. Even those who fight against the 2nd Amendment, still deserve to have their rights preserved and protected should they feel otherwise in the future.

The most important focal point is the protection of life. The emotional sentiment of the willingly irrational would restrict the protection of life, if not criminalize it. Please stand by all of us who believe life is worth defending by opposing any action against the 2nd Amendment. The majority of America is behind you.

Most Sincerely,

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