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Chowmif16 - re standard loads, I suspect that this is the next-oldest unanswerable question after, "What do women want?" I try to make a load for which I can reasonably adjust the sights or point-of-aim of all my compatible firearms. However, that may be way easier for me to do, shooting smokeless .45LC, than for you shooting black powder.

Sooner or later, I'll buy some packaged BP Long Colts for my '62s and shoot them for the nostalgia. Too lazy to do it in CAS, because I'd have to put the BP through my long guns and don't want the cleaning haslle.

Don't know if or how you can post YouTube links here, but it would be fun to watch you shoot the '62. When you mentioned that it feels fairly light, are you accustomed to shooting Pattersons? The reason I ask is that I found my open-top to be pretty close to perfect in weight and balance - wondering why they ever changed it afterward.
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