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Best coating for a bench vise

Well I lucked into an 8 inch wilton USA mae bench vise. Only issue is it's well used and covered in oil and grease. Came out of a cat shop and was likely never cleaned or degreased. Paint is coming off with all the old grease and crud.

Glad to add this one to the smaller vise I have and I don't see myself ever breaking or wearing it out, thing is I'd like to put the most durable but economical coating on it so common cleaning solvents and oils don't just take it back off.

So far duracoat rattle cans have been suggested as has appliance spray epoxy. Issue for duracoat would be cost as well as trying to heat once applied. It's a rather large item.

I have found spray cold galvanizing and spray epoxy from mcmaster, was thinking of using the cold galv as primer topped by the epoxy unless there is a better suggestion from the crowd here.

Thank you all
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