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What did we do with him..............???

Me and Richard, the guy in the picture, spent about 4 hours in pulling the hide off him and then removing the fat from the meat so that it was sellable.

Most of it went to one of the local restaurants, some out our retail market, the head is sold and the skin.....well the skin is the question at this point. Being a large wild male he has a number of battle scars, some on the belly and between the legs, which means he may well not bring much.

Last season we tossed a few of the hides we got straight in the dumpster and took a bad risk on a few others. Eneded up getting paid less that it cost for the salt and shipping on a couple and a few others, when you factor in the value of our time to scrape and salt....we lost on those too.

How it will turn out that year with the skins is up in the air......

The meat though......we'll do good on that.

And the fun......OMG.....about as good as it gets!
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