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I have some experience with a similar load in 32-20 that I got from Pet Loads.

Yeah I know, different cartridge, different bullet (JHP) and H110 (same as W296) loaded at 9.0 grains and 8.5 grains. I fired the 9.0 grain loads first. There was a noticeable difference in report even though the charges were the same, so I knew I was having inconsistent ignition. The first round of 8.5 grains squibbed the bullet about 1/2" into the barrel. The powder didn't light off. The primer forced the bullet and unburned powder into the barrel.

W296/H110 are powders that really need a magnum primer and should not be reduced. Even if you get consistent ignition of the powder with your load, you are going to have a lot of unburned powder.

There are lots of good powder out there for the 32 H&R Mag and they will all be faster burning than the load you asked about. I like W296/H110 powder but I confine those loads to max loads in larger volume revolver cartridges.
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