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Question - who sets up security for this place? if it's a typical dorm, with back door propped open for party hounds, and cheesy door locks, I might not want to live there, since the college advertised to the world this is where guns can be stolen. It's not on campus, so it's only security will be regular local PD, right, or will they have campus cops check it out occasionally?
I understand both sides, yes, it's a sort of move in the right direction, with a lot of segregation against one of the two classes of people who can legally be discriminated against - gun owners and smokers. I can see lawsuits from both sides, for many reasons.
If I lived there, my carry pistol would be inexpensive, and I'd have to buy some sort of decent safe/security system for it, since I cannot take it into a class room, did I read that correctly?
The last question, are students who are identified as CCW permit holders, (do they have to sew a yellow felt pistol shaped cloth to their shirts?), are they restricted from attending functions such as athletic events, or are they just cautioned not to bring their sidearms, as no firearms are allowed into these events, by anyone? If it's the latter, that's not discrimination against the students per se. If they are refused admittance to various buildings or events simply because they have CCW permits, or are subjected to constant searches of self and belongings, then we have grounds for action...I would think. I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV.
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