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I just talked to a few college kids,,,

I just talked to a few college kids,,,
Easy for me to do as I work in a university computer lab.

One young lady said she would definitely not want to share a room with a gun owner.

Another young lady said "Only if I knew the person."

One young man said "No way would I let them pair me with a gun owner.

One young man said "I would be the gun owner and I would not want to be separated out."

The lasy young man said "I don't think I would care if my roomie carried a gun."

No consensus at all from 5 random college kids.

I honestly don't know where I stand on this,,,
If I were a college administrator I don't think I could look at one student and tell them they have no choice but to abide with their roomie owning, storing, and carrying a gun in their shared room.

In a shared dorm building is one thing,,,
But in your personal living space is another thing altogether.

Color me undecided,,,


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