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Originally Posted by scrubcedar View Post
These people refer to communists as "those right wing nut jobs"

You are sooooo right. I live 12 miles from Boulder and that's as close as I want to get. You can smell the political correctness from here.

These are the people who elected one of their mayors because she had cancer; tried to get prairie dogs placed on the endangered species list; invited the homeless because they discovered they didn't have any; wanted people to distinguish the difference between the "good" and "bad" mosquitoes before swatting them; wanted to mount sensors on everyone's cars who lived there to monitor their vehicle use; ordered the trash companies to operate separate trash trucks for recyclables and trash instead of using one truck for separating both. The list goes on, and on, and on ...
Gun Control: The premise that a woman found in an alley, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, is morally superior to allowing that same woman to defend her life with a firearm.

"Science is built up with facts, as a house is with stones. But a collection of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house." - Jules Henri Poincare

"Three thousand people died on Sept. 11 because eight pilots were killed"
-- former Northwest Airlines pilot Stephen Luckey
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