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deerdoown only had 10 posts, I have a feeling he didn't stick around.

However here is my dos centavos from my dinosaur perspective.

Dan Wesson with 4" barrel barely made the legal 6" minimum when you measured to the rear of the cylinder. It was my only deer gun for 26 years and only got replaced when old age hit my eyeballs. I only used 158 gr JSP or LSWC for hunting and my deer were all gotten at 60 to 100 yards with my first deer at 135 yards, (the only deer I ever had to shoot twice). deerdown's bullet is hotter than mine was and if you stay under 50 yards and can put your shot where you need it you are way more than good to go. If it will take down a grizzly, (not recommended by Good Housekeeping), it will sure take a deer. It still comes down to where you put the bullet because their aint no magic bullet that will do it all no matter what.
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