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I have both the Austrian Styer, and the Hungarian Budapest models. Interesting rifles, and I believe the $99 price is a good one. The were ten or so under that when I bought mine, but more recently have gone up to around $130. Surplus ammo is hard to find, and when you do find it it sells for about a buck per round. There is some commercial ammo available, but again not the easiest to find. The surplus ammo I have is WWII Nazi stamped, and although I have only shot about 100 rounds of the 500 I have it has been 100% reliable. BTW, I bought it several years ago when I bought the rifles. It was going for about $3 per box of 2 loaded 5 round clips. And yes I said clips. It uses an en-bloc clip, and they are necessary for shooting the rifle in any way other than a single shot.
The availability of reloading supplies for 8X56 R Hungarian can be an issue as well.
For a C note I'd say what the heck, it's really an interesting rifle.
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