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Bill from Boomhower,
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I too, am considering a 350, and would love to read more from the rest of you guys that like/dislike either model, and why. I'm also very interested in the Norinco 982, which I can modify easily. Either, or possibly both may wind up accompaning me dailly, here on the farm. I need something that can ride in the trailer with tools and dirt behind the tractor in the weather etc. The 350 with only one hole to feed dirt plus being on the bottom, would seem ideal. I would leave this gun as is, other than an ammo sleeve on the butt, and probably a coat of Ceracote, or bed-liner (hate cleaning). I''ve already got guns I can't touch and use without commitment. I look forward to hearing more on these, and any simular models in this price range from the rest of you folks out there beyond Boomhower. Thanks, and a safe and enjoyable weekend to all.
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