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My PDF Template For Writing Lawmakers Simplified

=== SUMMERY ===
I'm an avid letter writer to my state's lawmakers in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. Normally I would write each letter from scratch; however, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would put together a pdf template that would streamline and partially automate the process. So far, I haven't found any threads/posts in the forum where members post their letters or templates, if there is and I've overlooked it, then perhaps we can add this to it. As it is now, all this is really only focused on the federal level and not the state level, though it still may be of use. Also, I have no idea how one would write a compelling letter to a legislator who is an Anti. If you don't either, then just send them this one. Any letter is better than no letter, regardless if they will listen or not.

Ultimately, I am hoping this might make the truly important task of ensuring our lawmakers protect our rights a little more efficient, convenient, and less time consuming. This template is for everyone but my main focus is to help facilitate activism from those who DO care about the 2A but don't know how to write lawmakers or those who genuinely struggle to find the time to sit down and flesh out a well worded and compelling letter (not that I claiming mine is any better); then have to find a lawmaker's addresses, print out clean looking envelops, etc.... I'm hoping to get them active and to add even more voices to our collective identity. The template is at the bottom.

I have two main objectives I hope to achieve in this post.

1) I want thoughts on improvements and additional eyes to proof read for errors. The biggest areas to critique are:
- Punctuation (I am particularly uncertain about my skills here)
- Any current or upcoming Federal level bills that I may not have addressed
- Testing the template's functionality and usability (ie missing fields, wrong tab order, printing mishaps, formatting error, character type issues, or ANYTHING that doesn't seem to work right.)

2) Just to simply get it out there and get more people active as well as to make it all easier for everybody.

I've never used Adobe Acrobat Pro nor have I ever designed a proper pdf document so I was learning on the fly. We've all seen some slick looking pdf forms....this will not be one of those. Don't bother telling me it looks crude. The end result is all that matters. The result will look simple but will also be proper. Admittedly, I pushed the limit of proper line spacing so that the body would fit on one page, but I'm already aware of it. Almost every text field can be edited so that you are free to rewrite or omit fields as you see fit.

Several fields are linked to others. Doing this allows the envelop to be automatically generated as you begin filling out the first few text fields. If you change one of those fields then the linked field will be changed also. Lastly, the buttons at the top and blue text "Zipcode" will not print. They are visible but not printable. The links at the top are for quickly finding info on who your legislator is, their mailing address, and their position on firearms.

I'll be using this template for myself regardless, so as I create more letters in the future I'll post those too. That way, anyone who is satisfied with what I have written can use it as their own.

Ummmm....well shucks, I can't think of anything else. I'm sure I forgot or overlooked something. If so, just let me know. Also, I'm out of work at the moment and in the middle of an aggressive job search campaign so if I'm a day or two slow in responding that's why. Sorry but I have a thing for bacon and need to start bringing some home.

Something to keep in mind:
Letter writing from only the individual may have no impact by itself, but the collective voice of a great number DOES HAVE AN SIGNIFICANT IMPACT and does influence the laws that govern our lives and of those we love. Don't EVER feel discouraged, belittled, insignificant, or think that you are a letter writing nobody. You ARE important! YOU ARE IMPORTANT to you, YOU ARE IMPORTANT to your friends and family, YOU ARE IMPORTANT to all of us, and YOUR LETTERS ARE IMPORTANT to the rights and liberties that are worth what it cost to attain them and are certainly worth what it will cost to retain them.

I hope this template helps everyone out. I look forward to any input you all may have. Take care everyone, be safe, have fun, and make it a good day.

- GeeJ

I'm still unsure as to how smoothly the envelop printing process will go but everything else works as it should. This is a work in progress
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