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Originally Posted by Brian Pfleuger View Post
There was a time when "race" and gender weren't protected classes. Should people have waited until they WERE protected in order to protest discrimination?

Seems like putting the horse behind the cart... and then saying you can't put the horse in front until you have agreement from the anti-horse people that it belongs there.

In other words, if WE don't act like a "protected class" how are we ever going to convince anyone else that we should be?
Obviously the idea of protected classes didn't exist prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, so the civil rights movement didn't even have that to shoot for at the time. The concept and the protections it afford are now established. I think that the issue of gun ownership as a protected class is separate from the thread topic, though would certainly generate interesting discussion.

And to be clear, I am not arguing that the University's decision should be ignored and not protested. I'm merely stating that the types of comments made should be more aware of the image it will present. Conflating the horrors people lived under during Jim Crow with the inconvenience someone who is 21 years old and choosing to still live in the dorms while keeping firearms are such dramatic magnitudes of scale different that it is ridiculous.

Image is everything. If the average person's reaction to a comment is to roll their eyes and walk away, you've lost regardless of whether your argument is valid. Again, I'm taking about the average person, not staunch gun grabbers. They aren't the ones we need or even could reason with.
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