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There's a paper IDPA target that you have to deal with in a retention position - such as an elbow in the first target's 'face' - then you deal with the others.

When we saw the movie, I told my wife that I could do that and she was skeptical and said I wasn't Tom Cruise. Sigh - on her part.

We've done it with a brief case being held to start the fun also.

One thing I noticed with stages where you hold stuff, is that sometimes folks keep holding on the thingee and run around with it. I ditch it.

In a NTI stage, you are bringing pizza to a friend, open the door and find the place covered with blood and you need to find your buddy. Yes, you should just retreat and wait for the cops but you can't in the stage. Interesting, some guys ran through still holding the pizza. I was praised for throwing it away before clearing (which you shouldn't do but it was the stage and the guy owed me for the pizza - )
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