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Originally Posted by Don H View Post
There is no compromise here. The University is not "allowing" firearms on campus. Firearms on campus in Colorado has been legal for several years. The University doesn't have a choice in the matter. The University's segregating of permit holders is in fact a step backwards as the school pushes back against a law they strenuously resisted in court. This is just plain harassment of permit holders and I forsee a lawsuit challenging these baseless school requirements in the near future.
I'll admit that I was unaware of the intricacies of Colorado's CCW laws. Living outside of Chicago, we don't have CCW laws, let alone any public debate over campus carry. So I am out of my element in that regard. I can totally understand the frustration of having new laws or policies passed as a "reasonable accommodation" which are anything but. I've posted extensively about the ridiculous nature of the Chicago ordinance that was passed in response to the Heller decision. So for that I apologize.

I still maintain that the wild hysterics and comparison to Jim Crow era segregation it's just plain distasteful at best and counter productive at worst. To the average person, seeing comments saying that only allowing guns in specific dorms is akin to segregated lunch counters comes off as lunacy, particularly since "gun owner" isn't a protected class. If it ever does become one, then people can validly make the comparison, but until then I feel that those types of comments only serve to hurt gun owners' image. And since that image can translate into votes leading to more gun control, I would say that it is very much in our best interest not to come off as lunatics.

Bringing it back to living in my area of Illinois, it is really hard to debate the validity of gun ownership in general, let alone concealed carry. Having people automatically dismiss the argument because of their preconceived image of "gun nuts" is pretty common. So all I can say is that adding to that image is really not helping.
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