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First off I didn't see the subject movie. I normally ignore gun fight TV and movie shows, they are more for entertainment then reality.

Except for CSI shows, drives my wife nuts cause I can't keep my mouth shut.


I have seen someone on you tube doing a very similar drill where the shooter starts with their hand touching the target, the start buzzer goes off and the shooter backs up (sometimes slapping the target first) and then takes their shots. Is there a name for this drill?
I did some similar drills when I was a LE Instructor. Only we started out with both hands on the target, at the buzzard. With one hand (non shooting hand) you push the target back, with the shooting hand you draw and shoot, not really extending the pistol/revolver, but rolling it out of the holster.

Slamming your non-firing hand into the face of the bandit would distract him enough to get your shot off.

I'm an old man, now retired but I still practice with my pocket revolver. As old and slow as I am, I still can, drawing from my pocket, get the shot off in less then 1/2 second.

Now I'm not saying deliberately get close so you can shoot, but in LE its not unreasonable to expect a confrontation and nose to nose distance.
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