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Single six just a thought

Are you familiar with the warranty on your vest? In high humidity situations the effect of kevlar material is diminished. In plain talk the more you sweat the less effective the vest will become after time. If you wear your vest outside of duty hours then you will reduce the life expectancy of the vest. Most vests have a life span of 6 years give or take. That is in theory for a 40 hour work week which means 12,480 hours of protection. Lets assume you choose to wear the vest 3 hours extra a week = 156 hour a year, one month less of protection for every year you do this. I am hopefully correct in thinking your department has sprung for the model with the tactical plates which are of some use against high power rifles (in my neck of the woods there are as many deer rifles as pistols.) Now if you have a personal bought vest then by all means do as you wish, if your department bought your vest then don't you owe it to your family to ensure your vest keeps you coming home at the end of every shift? Sorry for rambling on but department issu should be for department use, buy your own and wear it on your own time. This way you will get the most out of any vest you wear. Thank you for being a member of the thin blue line.
In order to cut down on gun crimes we The Govt. are banning all guns.

Well I guess I will sleep with a chainsaw next to my bed. Not the same as a gun but I figure the sound of it revving up will be as effective as a pump shot gun being cycled.
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