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“No. The threat had the drop on the Tom Cruise character. Assuming one has the skill and confidence, it's a reasonable tactic to close distance so the the threat's gun can be deflected. “ [Frank Ettin]

Thank you for the analysis. Please allow the privilege of a different view.

If ambushed at dance-partner proximity, the Vincent/SAS technique is certainly reasonable.

However, if 2 perps approach me with the one perp holding his gun sideways I figure the odds of drawing a nite-sight HK (coupled with ‘fantastic’ shooting skills), should adequately stop the threat. Why would I allow a perp to close the distance to 2 yards where his gun might even … accidentally go off and blow a hole thru my heart? To invite an armed perp close-in welcomes a world of hurt. Way too risky.

I respect the quoted opinion and admire such physical skill, but do not consider it a reasonable tactic for me.

Fare thee well.
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