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What are some of you guys talking about.

I know this is a rather old post, but some of the stuff I read is nonsense. The .357magnum is more than capable to kill any sized deer, I've watched guys kill freaking 350 pound wild boars with one at 40 to 50 yards. Alright now to cut to the chase of what my experience is with one, not particularly deer hunting but just testing the round, to be exact a Taurus 669 4" against a Smith and Wesson 29 6". First of all before everyone gets a huffy, the .44 has got more kinetic energy than the .357 mag, But I and a friend of mine were shooting at one of those old heavy duty short stubby propane tanks at about 95 to a 100 yards. I had 158 gr jsp, and he had 240 gr jsp. OK he went first knocking a few dings in it. We went up and checked it out, he got about a 3.5" group, we turned it around, then it was my turn. I shot at it, the tank was empty by the way with the nozzle screwed off, well anyway the tank rocked back and forth violently, you know ting, we knew I hit it a couple times. We went up to check the damage, and there were two perfect holes about and inch apart up and down, didn't go clear through though. But yeah I can't speak for everyone because no one shoots the same, but for me I'm absolutely 100% positive that a .357magnum with the right load even factory loads, I can kill a deer or a grizzly bear by that matter, at 1 to 100 yards max for me with the right shot. The only thing that I can understand why people say it won't is because there either a bad shot, or they have a bigger bored gun and think its better than everyone else's gun.
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