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10-4! Thanks loads. natchez huh? Thought all they sold was ammo. Hmmm.

I'm currently using a Green Laser, and/or a 450 lumen LED.

I want to slip the laser onto the side rail, and puyt a lit scope in it's place.

At night, about my place there's scant little light. I can see the laser out to about 125-150ft. in deep darkness. Area lights dim the result and i"m good only to about 100ft.

I'd like to see further of course and use it for targets and if I ever get back into the brush.

I think the CX 4 in 40sw ought to be good to 200- 300ft. Surely up to 200ft. That's also why I don't want to get too deep $$$$ into this project. Illumination though is a MUST. 10x should be an improvement over the green light.

As much as I'd like to get a nice 7mm or 338, etc., I gotta be honest. It would just hang on some hooks on the wall... for damn ever, seeing little if any use.

Alternatively, I'm thinking too to get a 10/22 of one kind or another... and use it for targeting without spending a ton.

So I f I can get a scope that'll play well under 200 but out to 300 that's my ticket... and it needs to be somehow set onto a pick rail... I suppose.

Thanks for those models. I'll give 'em a look monyana
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