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178 bthp,rl15

Got out to the range this afternoon and sweated it out. Had some good results(I believe)
Savage 10 Action, Shilen Match 26" 1:10twist varmint contour barrel, BC A2 Medalist stock, Accu-Trigger, Nikon 4-12x-40mm scope
WW Brass 2x fired, weight sorted to 1%
178 BTHP Hornady

2.005" TTL
Flash holes deburred
Lee Collet Sized
Seated to 2.227"ogive ~2.879" tip
Distance: 200 yards
Temp: 94F, sunny slight breeze
Shot off Caldwell Lead Sled Plus
Load #1-42.0gr then increments of 0.3gr up to 45.0

***Shot 6&7 scattered then 8,9,10 settled back down***

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