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1) Thanks for ur replies. Thanks for the PSA link. Bud's & CTDrt, are the only 2 places I know with good pricing. Any more links with good pricing is appreciated? I was wanting a S&W M&P but most are outta my price range. I've looked at the S&W M&P-15 Sport at Bud's, but they only have it with the Calif restrictive 10 round mag. And, CTD don't list one.

2) I had hopes of finding something with iron sights as well as putting a scope on what I eventually buy, like I have on my Rem. 700, 30-06, with the rings I can look thru if the scope fails. I also am not very familiar with these new scopes, red dots, how far they project, etc. But, can you even use iron sights and scopes together on AR's? Or, is it one or the other?

3) Could ya'll take a look at a couple rifles I've looked at at Bud's and tell me if these 2 Bushmasters is a reliable mfg. co.?and what you think of these 2 rifles?


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